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ARIES: You can look on the bright side even on the darkest day. Your optimistic and cheerful outlook can help make even anxious people feel relaxed. You will be delighted if you open the door wide when opportunity knocks.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: It can be easy to express your deep love and affection. You may experience an intense need to have someone by your side. A difficult situation could be sidestepped if you remain discreet and avoid emotional reactions to criticism.

GEMINI: You might be happier if everything is bigger and better, and when everyone benefits. You could be prompted to perform altruistic acts or to upgrade your goals. Ask trusted friends for advice if you want problems solved easily.

CANCER: Step up to the plate. When it is your turn at bat, apply enthusiasm and you could knock the ball out of the park. Show maturity by forgiving those who may have made mistakes and by generously helping out your friends.

LEO: Show off your initiative, competitive prowess and leadership abilities during the coming week. If you dwell on past mistakes, you could hesitate to act on an opportunity. Join in with fun activities and actively widen your horizons.

VIRGO: Put any thoughts of business on the back burner for now. A romantic companion may start a conversation by sharing their passions or fantasies. Your goals and dreams may develop into a grand design that can bring you closer together.

LIBRA: You can get ahead faster if you put past conflicts behind you and focus on forgiveness and work toward a mutually satisfactory compromise. Ask for clarification if you are confused by assignments or need more time to grasp the details.

SCORPIO: Your fairy-tale wishes might be fulfilled. A partner may awaken your feelings and invite you to join them on some romantic adventures. You can capture and use creative ideas or write down your intriguing thoughts for later use.

SAGITTARIUS: You may find it challenging to remain still if it seems like there is too much time and energy on your hands. Occupy yourself with constructive projects that offer physical activity and scope for your wide-ranging interests.

CAPRICORN: You could end up feeling too solitary if you are a lone wolf. Attend community events or family gatherings to find other pack members. This might be a good day to concentrate on togetherness and share your feelings.

AQUARIUS: Nobody is perfect, even you. Do not expect a partner or loved one to live up to standards that even you may not be able to meet. Aim for the best and highest without criticizing those who may not reach their goal.

PISCES: Do not let an opportunity to possibly make a profit pass you by. You might find that luck is on your side when you need it. It may take courage to demonstrate negotiating skills, but you can be up for the challenge.

IF APRIL 9 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: Pay attention to meaningful coincidences or potentially beneficial situation this week when good fortune may come to you in the guise of a generous gesture. This is a good time to ask friends for support and advice. Everything might be coming up roses during late May and early June when your visionary ideas can be applied in concrete and profitable ways. Your life can make a dramatic change in June when your popularity soars. A move, new admirers, a new job or a new romantic relationship can be exciting and make your dreams come true. Lay low in July when your judgment is off center. Wait until August when your status is highlighted to make public offerings or appearances.

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