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ARIES: Excellent communication can be a key to intimacy and may promote positive outcomes. Do not hesitate to call on colleagues and friends to gather facts and opinions. Learning to discipline the mind can lead to ever greater enlightenment.اضافة اعلان

TAURUS: You might stray from your comfort zone when strict logic is required. However, your ability to read people and embrace novel ideas can give you the upper hand. Your social skills can make you an undisputed leader in the upcoming week.

GEMINI: Use imagination to envision diverse and more satisfying goals. When you are involved with repetitive activities, there is less time to think about limitless possibilities. Schedule some free time to daydream and plan this week.

CANCER: Take pride in your perseverance because it could pay off quickly. You cannot stop running when you see the finish line ahead. Deep, philosophical conversations can inspire you even if the knowledge is not immediately applicable.

LEO: Contentment is a work in progress. Enjoy peace of mind and a sense of well-being when you can. Since all people and situations are imperfect, learn to discover and treasure the grace and beauty In each moment.

VIRGO: Your conscience will not bother you if you are ethical. If you find yourself with an advantage, this is not the time to exploit it. You know that you can count on a partner or loved one to remain loyal and faithful.

LIBRA: You may possess a commanding presence in social gatherings but might not be as successful when leveraging your financial assets. Combine a path to success with enjoyment by getting together with, and learning from, savvy friends.

SCORPIO: An envious person might pay you a genuine compliment. Learn to value yourself enough that you can accept kudos with grace. You can diffuse power struggles and unpleasant situations in the workplace by remaining pleasant and friendly.

SAGITTARIUS: Let your sincerity and honesty have free rein. Some people view you as a leader because you are not afraid to “tell it like it is.” Do not let someone’s obsession with success blind you to their kindness and thoughtfulness.

CAPRICORN: Connect any dots by connecting with more people. Someone will see your creative talents in a positive light. An industrious partner or friend could motivate you to think up more efficient ways to achieve your ambitions.

AQUARIUS: Try to solve problems rather than just worrying about them. Your best bet is to stay out of petty spats and mind your own business. Focus on thinking your way out of a predicament and keep on building upward with what you do have.

PISCES: Be guided by your own inner light whenever you find yourself in a precarious position. You should not believe everything you hear or read but listen with your heart and seek the truth. Your serenity can be a touchstone for a potential connection.

IF MARCH 26 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You can show off your business acumen this month by making a career move or by putting moneymaking ideas into motion. You may be inspired and empowered to make your most important dreams a reality. New friends, new goals or a more enlightened way of looking at your lifestyle will put you in the driver’s seat in May. Avoid romantic entanglements and get rich schemes in July, when wishful thinking can cast a deceptive spell. In September, an opportunity to improve your life permanently may knock on your door or good advice will help you leverage a more respected position.

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