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Laura Madar, a makeup artist with an affinity for spooky looks

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A makeup look done by Laura Madar that aims to represent a “third eye,” that encourages you to trust your gut feeling.
AMMAN — Laura Madar is an experienced Jordanian makeup artist known for her looks from “Al-Rawabi School for Girls” and other projects. Beyond her usual glam, the makeup artist also has an affinity for ‘spooky’ looks. اضافة اعلان

Madar began her career in 2015, right after she finished her cosmetology program at the Artist Makeup Academy (AMA) in the US. 

The decision to go to makeup school was unexpected, according to Madar. “It was so random, but kind of ‘meant to be.’ My mom brought up the possibility of me going abroad to study makeup,” she said in an interview with Jordan News.

“I made a joke, one day while we were having lunch, that I wanted to study makeup, and I asked my dad what he thought of it,” she said. “He replied with yes, ask around and see what you can apply for, and just like that, it got serious. I remember I was shocked because I did not see that reply coming.” 
At the academy, the artist learned how to do full glam makeup, everyday wear, special effects makeup, and theatrical makeup. 

“Every makeup type is different than the other; if you are doing makeup for someone who has an interview on tv, for example, it differs from if you are doing it for other purposes,” Madar said. 

In terms of projects, Madar worked on the set of “Al-Rawabi School for Girls,” an experience that she cherished as a makeup artist.  
Some of Madar’s looks for the cast went viral on the application TikTok when the Netflix series came out. 

A makeup look done by Laura Madar that represents growth from a broken heart. 

“It was fun, even when it was a bit exhausting because we shot it during 2020, but the crew and the cast were lovely, like a big family,” said Madar. 
Madar shared that her mentor and friend, makeup artist Suleiman Tadros, was how she got introduced to the film industry, and she still collaborates with him frequently.

“He got me into the film industry, and I worked alongside him on big projects; he taught me how to be on set, even though I studied that in school, but you know, it is different than when you are actually working,” she said. 
“He is very supportive, always believed in my skills, and I am inspired by him,” the artist told Jordan News

With a lot of experimentation and practicing, Madar found her own personal makeup style: “When I first got back I was always in full-glam, now my personal style tends to be very artistic; graphic liners, glitters, smudged and colorful looks that people usually do not ask for everyday wear,” she said.

Spooky looks

The artist also mentioned her love for anything’ spooky.’ She explained: “I see beauty in those things, you know, creepy, gory, and spooky stuff. Maybe because my personality is sort of weird.”

One of the artist’s favorite looks was one that she did on herself. “It is a look that I did a long time ago. You won’t recognize me: I wore a bald cap and did an eye in the middle of my forehead,” she said.

The meaning of the look is more than just evoking an eerie feeling shared Madar. “Even when you are not paying attention and when you are looking away, your third eye — or gut feeling, intuition — is always looking out for you, so believe in it,” Madar explained. 

‘Spooky’ makeup looks done by Laura Madar. (Photos: Handout from Laura Madar) 

Another spooky look the artist did was a look from when she was recovering from a breakup. The look consists of a realistic wound near her heart, with a pretty flower growing from it.

“I was healing from a heartbreak, and you can see the meaning behind it, even when bad things happen, and you get hurt, beautiful things might come out of the experience,” she said.

Clients and preference 

The makeup artist said that her experiences with clients are mostly very pleasant: “Usually if I am doing a makeup look for a photo shoot or a music video, we talk about their makeup looks before the actual shooting, sometimes we even do tests, just to make sure,” she explained. 

“if it was a normal makeup appointment, I always make sure to ask them beforehand about their makeup routines, what they like, and if they have photos of certain looks they liked,” she added. 

While the artist gives her professional opinion, she emphasized that clients’ opinions are also very important to her. “I do not like to argue with anyone. I love everything to go smoothly,” she said. 

The artist would advise aspiring makeup artists to learn how to deal with their clients professionally. 

“Keep experimenting, sometimes even take risks and go out of the normal way to do things. There is always room for creativity; there is no right and wrong in makeup,” she said. 

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