Jordanian YouTuber raises 50k for charity

Ahmad Aburob, who studied engineering at university, now has over 3 million followers

In this undated photo, Jordanian Youtuber Ahmad Aburob can be seen with heaters he helped raise money for in February of 2021. (Photo: Ahmad Aburob)
AMMAN — Jordanian Youtuber, Ahmad Aburob, called on his over 3 million followers in February to help those in need. The effort ended up raising tens of thousands of dollars for heaters. اضافة اعلان

Aburob is a 24-year-old content creator based in Jordan. He majored in civil engineering and graduated with a high GPA. His passion; however, has always revolved around photography and creating funny and amusing content. He worked on his content even during his studies. Today, he has reached 3.43 million subscribers on YouTube, and millions of followers on other social media platforms as well.

“I started out by making vlogs and taking professional pictures in tourism areas in Jordan,” he told Jordan News. “But I wanted to do something that brings out my character, which is why I started doing commentaries.”

Using his influence, he decided he wanted to make the best of his fame by raising money for charity to provide underprivileged families with heaters. “I love doing charity work,” he said. “I love giving back whenever I receive.”

The charity, called “A Thousand Families in A Single Night,” was able to raise $50,000 for 1,000 families with the help of Aburob’s friend and business manager, Wahbi Farah and Luster for Marketing Solutions.

According to Aburob, he faced many problems in raising the money, as many people were skeptical of the whole idea and did not fully support the use of his name to raise the money. Arurob said he plans to do more charity work in the future, but in a “more studied and organized way.”

Aburob said that his road to success was extremely bumpy and filled with obstacles. “People were not very supportive at first,” he said. “People hated on my content before they even knew what it was about.”

It took him a year before he learned how to make proper comedic content but he said that his views started growing day by day when he did. He also had a hard time getting his parent to accept his career path as a YouTuber. “They wanted me to pursue a career as an engineer”, he added. “But I am doing what I love and I want to continue doing it.”

Apart from creating commentaries and comedic content, Aburob also released a song along with local singer and fellow YouTuber, Saba Shamaa. The song was called “Koshe,” and received 11 million views in just one month. The purpose behind the song was to make something refreshing and amusing, but it turned out to be a hit that their fans love listening to. Even though his content gets virally shared, he believes that the future is never “guaranteed” and plans to invest in businesses and develop his own character along the way.

“My daily activities drastically changed after I started getting famous. Now I can’t really visit any malls, or walk down the street or do similar things that may seem normal but are actually more complicated in the time being,” he said.

As an influencer, Aburob said that he wishes that the influence he has on his audience, especially young people, is positive and inspiring. “If I could give one piece of advice to all my audience it would be to keep moving forward,” he said. “Dreams require continuation, but I feel like a lot of people in the Arab world give up at some point along the way. If you have a dream, you must run after it until it becomes a reality.”