Artist wields resin in personal battle against unemployment

resin art
Resin art (Photos: Handouts from Ghazal Siam)
AMMAN — Twenty-three-year-old Ghazal Siam studied business administration at Balqa University. But when the pandemic made it difficult for her to find a job, she decided to start her own handicrafts business.اضافة اعلان

Siam began working with epoxy resin, she told Jordan News in an interview. Resin is a liquid material that takes the shape of glass when it hardens. It is characterized by strength and was originally used to insulate floors.

But more recently, artists have started using it to create unique handmade items.

Siam creates serving trays, coasters, medals, accessories, tables, plates, mobile-phone covers, wall clocks, and an array of other pieces that her clientele request. She gives her customers the space to choose and ask for whatever ideas pops into their heads.

“My project is art-centered and every artist has a unique touch, even if they use the same tools and colors,” she said.

Her work bears the marks of precisely executed designs, close attention to detail, high quality of materials, and distinctive packaging.

Each unique piece is the result of several steps that need to be followed to a tee before reaching its final form.

As the weather continues to grow warmer, the time it takes risen to stiffen will continue to fall, Siam explained. In general, it takes approximately 48 hours to 72 hours until the material solidifies and turns completely dry. Then, the sanding, quilting, polishing, and packaging processes follow.

Siam said that each of her art works takes a different amount of time to come to life. For instance, accessories may take two to three days but tables and other larger items could consume two to three weeks of her time.

The artist has recently started partnering with a delivery company so that orders reach customers on time.

According to the small business owner, resin, and the tools needed to shape the material are very expensive. Despite that, the artist’s prices remain competitive, she noted.

Siam said she is committed to covering costs with a reasonable profit margin, so that her products are affordable for all potential customers, adding that her focus is on attracting customers through creative ideas that manifest and are then sold at moderate rates.

The artist also shared plans to expand her business into other areas, in an attempt to keep learning and to overcome the pandemic’s repercussions.

“A lot of people have lost their jobs recently and have yet to find alternatives. Many young Jordanian men and women have started online projects, and I am one of them,” Siam said.

She remarked that these such local are local Jordanian projects need support to rejuvenate the economy and improve living conditions.

Siam said that support can be given in the form of promotion and simply drawing attention to artists’ work.

She called on the Jordanian community to help eliminate artists’ fear of failure and provide them with much-needed encouragement so they may move forward along their entrepreneurial and artistic paths.

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