Jordan is ready for ‘significant’ digital transformation

Ahmed Al-Hanandeh
Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmad Al-Hanandeh. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Jordan has an advanced ICT infrastructure that makes it ready for “significant” digital transformations Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Ahmad Al-Hanandeh said on Monday during his participation in the "Jordanian Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship" forum in Dubai.اضافة اعلان

Work is underway to digitize a considerable amount of services that the government offers the public, he added.

Jordan News spoke on Wednesday to ministry spokesperson Ibrahim Bashayrah to follow up on the minister’s comments, who said that Jordan’s telecoms infrastructure includes “the fiber-optic network, 4G and 5G networks, cybersecurity, cloud platforms, electronic signatures, and open APIs, among others”. The presence of this infrastructure legitimizes Jordan’s ability to digitize all government services in the next few years as well as implement the National Digital Transformation Strategy and the 2021–2025 executive plan.

The strategy, which was published last year on the ministry's website, lays out the government’s intention to connect all government institutions, 80 percent of commercial establishments, and 55 percent of homes with the fiber-optic network by 2025. It also includes the government’s ambition to achieve 50-percent coverage of 5G by 2025, create 28,000 jobs directly, and create 56,000 jobs through self-employment platforms.

Digital expert Mahmoud Al-Hariri believes that Jordan is capable of undergoing this digital transformation. He told Jordan News that “a large part of the infrastructure consists of human resources capable of realizing this vision, and Jordan already possesses these creative minds.”

Hariri said that using the private sector, which is capable of accelerating Jordan's digital development in many ways, is the quickest way to achieve the ministry’s and government's plan. He emphasized that many Jordanian techn companies have become renowned leaders in the digital world, including Mawdoo3, Wajeez, Makani, and Jawaker, which was recently sold for over $200 million.

Hariri spoke about the successful collaboration between the government and Mawdoo3 during the COVID-19 lockdowns in the creation of Darsak platform, which was a significant leap in Jordan's distance-learning capabilities within a short period of time. "This is the kind of achievement that we want to see consistently and steadily; serving citizens first and then supporting both the public and private sectors," he said.

Hariri also listed job opportunities that digital transformation may provide, in addition to saving citizens a significant amount of time and effort in completing their government transactions as well as a variety of other business requirements. He cited the government’s vaccination platform as an example, saying that it enhanced safety, and saved effort and time for all vaccine recipients in Jordan. “It has been an important experience that demonstrates Jordan's readiness to enter the digital field fully.”

Hariri urged continued work and progress in the digital world. "We should not wait for another pandemic for us to progress and develop," he said, adding that the period of health restrictions due to COVID-19 was a test to Jordan's infrastructure, “when the country proved its ability to stay abreast of international developments and meet world standards in digital development.”

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