Jordanian mobile app ‘Jawaker’ sold for $205 million

Jawaker, a Jordanian-owned gaming company, was sold to Stillfront. The transaction is expected to be completed by October 4. (Photo: Jawaker Logo from Jawaker facebook page)
AMMAN — Jordanian mobile application Jawaker has been acquired for $205 million by Stillfront, a global group of gaming studios, a source at Jawaker FZ LLC told Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

The source said that Stillfront will pay 74 percent of the amount in cash and 26 percent in shares. The transaction is expected to be completed on October 4. "With the acquisition, Stillfront aims to grow its presence in the Middle East and the North Africa region," the source said.

“We have high hopes for this cooperation, it is a great opportunity to be working with such a respected company like Stillfront which has acquired a number of game developers before,” the source said.

He added that this was not only a great opportunity for Jawaker, but for Jordan as well: “In Jordan we have great capabilities but we need more support so we can show our talents to the world.” He went on to add that Jawaker is excited to be joining such a respected company which shares Jawaker’s belief in a long-term investment in these types of games.

Jawaker is the premier Arabic card game site that enables players to connect with their friends and make new ones while playing online and has more than half a million registered users. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the iPhone App Store, and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the Google App Store for Android devices.

The application was created by two Jordanians, Muhammad Al-Hajj Hassan and Youssef Shamoun back in 2009. Hassan and Shamoun are also the founders of “Akhtaboot” network which is a specialized job seekers app for the Middle East. The app aims to contribute to solving the unemployment problem in Jordan and the wider Arab region utilizing the tools of the digital era.

The news of Jawaker’s acquisition by Stillfront sparked wide attention among social media users since it was first announced. Social media users expressed happiness and cited this sale as an example of a real success story of Jordanian youth on the global stage.

Moosa Al-Saket, former chairman of the Amman Chamber of Industry, expressed satisfaction and optimism upon hearing the news, and in a tweet said: “"Jawaker app, a purely Jordanian app is sold for 205 million dinars. Our youth are creative."

Former minister of investment Muhannad Shehadeh said that Jawaker is a fully Jordanian owned company based in Jordan. “The company that launched Jawaker application for card games, combines more than 50 highly qualified Jordanian programmers. This is a story of success and a real investment in the country.”

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