Housing Bank Launches its “Transfer your salary and enjoy” Provident Fund Campaign

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(Photo: Housing Bank)
PRESS RELEASE — For the first time in Jordan and the region, Housing Bank launched its new provident fund program under the title “Transfer your salary and enjoy” campaign, targeting new clients who transfer their monthly salaries with a minimum amount of JD 100. The Program offers a set of benefits to those who join, including the bank's high contribution to cash return up to 15%, which is considered the highest return in the Kingdom.اضافة اعلان

The program will reward clients, working in the public and private sectors, who commit to allocating a certain amount of their salaries and transferring it on a monthly basis to the new program’s savings accounts, with high returns on their savings at the end of the year. The categories available in this program include JD 300, JD 600, and JD 1000 where the customers can opt for the bundle that fits their needs and saving goals. 

This new program represents the Housing Bank’s propounding commitment to creating and offering cutting-edge services to enhance the clients experience when it comes to savings-accounts-related services. It is also aligned with the Bank’s vision to promote financial literacy to encourage smart saving that leads to well-structured financial planning, an increase in savings, and well-informed spending. With this new program in place, clients who transfer their salaries will be able to benefit from extra benefits including different types of savings accounts, time deposits, and time deposits with incentives.

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