Housing Bank Launches Its 2024 Savings Account Prizes Campaign

“A Golden Year For You,” Winners From Every Governorate Across the Kingdom

Housing Bank
(Photo: Housing Bank)
PRESS RELEASE — Housing Bank has announced the launch of its annual savings account prizes campaign for the year 2024, titled "A Golden Year For You." What sets this campaign apart is its commitment to inclusivity, as it features winners from every governorate. With a total of 13 prizes available in various categories, including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and year-end draws, individuals from all corners of the Kingdom have the opportunity to be winners in this campaign.اضافة اعلان

The campaign aims to promote a saving culture and offers increased profit opportunities to a larger number of savers. Participants compete within each governorate separately, with the bank offering 13 prizes for each category. These prizes are distributed among a winner from each governorate and two winners from the capital, Amman.

The bank offers 13 gold lira coins daily, as well as 13 ounces of gold per month. Additionally, it offers 13 prizes in March and June, each weighing a quarter of a kilo of gold. In September, it offers 13 prizes, each weighing half a kilo of gold. Finally, at the end of the year, it offers 13 prizes, each weighing a kilo of gold.

Housing Bank has an extensive branch network that covers all governorates of the Kingdom, from north to south. This campaign aims to increase the number of prizes and enhance the chances of winning for the bank's customers across all governorates. It is open to any customer whose account balance is not less than JOD100 for the daily prizes, JOD500 for the monthly awards, and JOD2500 for the quarterly, semi-annual, and grand prizes.

This campaign is an extension of the previous savings account prize campaigns that the bank first launched in 1977.

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