The General Amnesty Law of 2024 approved

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AMMAN — The government approved the General Amnesty Law of 2024 on Thursday, excluding criminal and misdemeanor crimes, violations, and criminal acts from 24 laws.اضافة اعلان

The law generally exempts all criminal and misdemeanor crimes, violations, and criminal acts that occurred before March 19, 2024. It eliminates the basis of criminality from these offenses, leading to the dropping of all related criminal cases and penalties, whether original or subsidiary, except as stipulated in the draft law, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

This general amnesty law includes the release of 7,355 inmates from correctional centers. The government incarcerated 4,688 of them for various misdemeanors and detained 2,667 for drug-related misdemeanors.

Cases covered by the provisions of the General Amnesty Law are exempt from fines and fees imposed in full or those that will be imposed in criminal and misdemeanor crimes, violations, or any penal procedures.

However, the exemption does not include certain crimes, whether committed by the original perpetrator, accomplice, instigator, or any other party involved, nor does it include attempts to commit any of these crimes.

These excluded crimes encompass a wide range under different legal categories such as the Penal Code, Military Penal Code, Law on the Protection of State Secrets and Documents, Law on the Trial of Ministers, Economic Crimes Law, Integrity and Anti-Corruption Law, Graft Law, Slavery Abolition Act, Human Trafficking Prevention Law, Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Laws, Prevention of Terrorism Act, Cybercrime Laws, Firearms and Ammunition Act, Explosives Law, Water Authority Law, Environmental Protection Law, Competition Law, and Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.

In essence, while the General Amnesty Law aims to pardon a multitude of offenses, it explicitly maintains consequences for severe crimes that pose significant threats to public safety, security, and well-being.

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