Telecoms companies to halt 2G, 3G network services

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Communication companies likely end the use of second and third-generation communications networks within a time period not exceeding the next six years.
AMMAN,  — According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, all licenses granted to companies providing public mobile network services operating using second and third-generation communications network technology have been renewed and given the advantage of technology neutrality.اضافة اعلان

In a statement on Sunday, September 20, 2021, the commission indicated that the licenses currently granted to companies operating on second and third-generation network technology would likely end the use of technology for most of them within a time period not exceeding the next six years.

The commission called upon all users of mobile communications services and importers of telecommunications equipment in the Kingdom not to purchase any communications equipment or systems that operate only on those generations.

This statement is due to the fact that the duration of use will be limited by the services and equipment’s inability to work because of the vastness of modern communication network technology such as fourth-generation and beyond. In addition, the scarcity of the older generations will make it difficult to obtain service through these devices in the future. The commission also explained that it had no legal justification for imposing the use of a particular type of technology.

Companies that renew their frequency licenses have a technology-neutrality advantage that enables them to invest in the operation of the latest radio technology services within the Kingdom and continue investing in better frequencies.

Many telecommunication companies in the world had discontinued second and third-generation mobile communications network technology several years ago. They had replaced it with other modern communications network technologies because of its inefficient use of resources and failure to meet the operational requirements of some modern communications and information technology applications.

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