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Teachers say profession no longer respected after fight video goes viral

تعطيل المدارس تصوير امير خليفه  (4)
A video of a student wrestling and pinning down a teacher went viral in recent days with some saying the video shows how much the profession has declined in Jordan. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — A video of a student wrestling and pinning down a teacher has gone viral in recent days with some saying the video shows how much the profession declined in Jordan.اضافة اعلان

Professor of sociology and communication at the University of Jordan, Helmi Sari, said: “The phenomenon of teacher abuse is an integral part of Jordanians' way of dealing with matters and disputes that occur amongst them, and this phenomenon is mainly related to violence.”

Sari said that doctors and nurses are also constantly exposed to such violence, and that teachers have suffered with the decline of their position and role, and that this decline is linked to the decline of the educational process itself.

He also noted that in the past, teachers were highly respected and appreciated in society. “When I asked students 12 years ago which professions do you prefer, a teacher, a doctor, or a businessman, they chose being a teacher, but 10 years later, the choice was being a businessman,” he said.

The professor of sociology explained that this coincided with physical assaults on doctors and nurses and reflects how managing problems needs to revolve around negotiation and understanding, opposed to not assault.

Sari added that there is a lax application of the law and a rise in the power of tribes, which affects most professionals and not just teachers.

Adnan Rajha, a teacher, said: “I started my work in the field of education in 1979, and I have never witnessed a period in which education has collapsed like the period we’re living in.”
He added that education before the 70s was characterized by the student’s relationship with the school, which was one of hate and fear, so students did not dare to speak back to a teacher.

 In the 90s, the position of the teacher was respected, Rajha said, adding that students had the goal of receiving an education.

However, the teacher said that there has been a decline in the system and the “vast majority” of teachers are not aware of the message they’re supposed to deliver and they have no real loyalty, which has resulted in people’s views of teachers degrading.
The criteria for becoming a teacher must improve, he said.

Rajha stressed that what students did in attacking their teacher was “a violation towards the entire educational process.”

Fatima Abu Rumman, a mother of two daughters studying in a public school, said: “I am with the teacher … as the students go too far if they do not have a teacher with a strong and firm personality.”

Sobhia Suleiman, a school principal, added: “The Ministry of Education must support the teacher, and I, as a principal, always strive to support them. The assault on a teacher has broken their authority. If the issue is not dealt with in a deterrent manner, the teacher’s position will decline in front of society and students. Also, their wages must be improved, and this should be in accordance with the efforts made by the ministry.”

As for Faleh Al-Rahamneh, a father of 10 children, he said: “I graduated from Salt Secondary School in 1973. Teachers back then were highly respected and were as important as fathers. I remember my teacher well, for they raised me and taught me.”

“The roads were drawn with our steps, while today most students use various means of transportation, and we used to study under a dim light,” he added.

 “Today, especially with distance education, the students’ education level has decreased a lot, and this will be reflected on an entire generation,” he said.

Rahamneh added that all 10 of his sons hold a university degree.

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