Thousands of students transfer from private to public schools ahead of scholastic year

school student wearing mask
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — As the beginning of the new scholastic semester approaches, thousands of students are expected to move from private to public schools, especially in light of the hard economic circumstances.اضافة اعلان

Distance learning has also contributed to the shift, as public schools have, over the course of the pandemic, proven their effectiveness and efficiency at it.
Mohammad Omar, a father of two children, told Jordan News that "I have moved my children to public schools and I am glad that I have taken this decision."

"I always wanted to move them to public schools,” Omar added.

“I think it is the best time to do this.” He explained that he had heard from family and friends that public schools had “proven their professionalism” during the pandemic.

Omar said that he is convinced it’s the students themselves and their attitude towards their academics that makes all the difference, and that for him, at the end of the day, “there are no differences between private and public schools — you only pay more for private schools.”

Similarly, Ali Turki, a father of school-aged children, told Jordan News that the fact "our hard economic situation resulted from the pandemic is not a secret anymore."

Moving his children to public schools was motivated by the uncertain economic situation, Turki said, adding that going to a private school can influence your child to “want to live a luxurious life” that he cannot afford.

For his part, Ministry of Education spokesperson Ahmad Al Masafa told Jordan News that "it is hard to know the exact number of students who moved from private to public schools as it is an ongoing process."

Masafa confirmed that the flow of students is not only in one direction — "on the contrary, some students are moving from public to private schools too.”

The spokesperson offered as a possible explanation the fact that public schools have proven their “professionalism” over the course of the pandemic as it related to distance learning.

President of the Private School Owners Association Munther Al-Sourani told Jordan News that "we can not blame parents for moving their children to public schools.”

“The priorities are different now, as are the economic circumstances,” Sourani said, adding that the move was understandable.

Minister of Education Mohammad Kheir Abu Qdeis had stated previously that more than 130,000 students moved from private schools to public schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The minister added, during a meeting at the Education Ministry last month, that the transfer of thousands of students to public schools would require implementing additional health measures to ensure students’ safety.

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