Nationwide remedial education program kicked off Sunday

Next stages to be announced soon

العودة الى المدارس تصوير امير خليفه  (3)
(Photo: By Ameer Khalifah )
AMMAN — Director of the Curriculum Department at the Ministry of Education Muhammad Kenana said that the ministry began implementing its remedial education program in the Kingdom’s schools on Sunday. اضافة اعلان

The program targeted the grades 1–11 in the four main subjects: Arabic, mathematics, English, and science.

The program will run from August 15 to September 12.

Kenana explained that the program will consist of three stages.

The first stage will seek to equip students with basic skills and knowledge upon which they can build in the coming school year and beyond.

He also said that the ministry is in the process of finalizing the plans for the final two stages, which will be announced soon.

Media spokesperson for the ministry, Ahmed Al-Masaafeh, said that the program was to help prepare students for a return to in-person classes following two years of distance learning.

Between August 1–14, teachers had received a three-day training course, the spokesperson said, adding that learning materials had been distributed on Sunday.

A large number of students attended the program’s first day, Masaafeh said, and that all participating schools had adhered to the COVID-19 health measures.

Vaccination rates among public and private school staff are 83 percent and 90 percent respectively, he added, and that, to date, 828,000 students have registered for the program.

Executive Director of the Development Coordination Unit at the Education Ministry Lama Al-Natour said that the plan was fully prepared by the ministry to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person education.

A fifth-grade student, Rital Nasser, joined the program yesterday.

“I am happy to return to my school and my friends.

We missed the school atmosphere,” she said, adding that she hoped there wouldn’t be a return to distance learning.

Islam Al-Talib, a mother with three sons enrolled in the remedial program, said that her sons had not performed well last year.

She was “overjoyed” at seeing the streets filled with students again when she went to pick her children up from school.

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