Senate president: King paid price for his political stand on Palestine

File photo of Senate President Faisal Al-Fayez (Photo: JNews)
AMMAN — Senate President Faisal Al-Fayez has said that His Majesty King Abdullah has paid the price for his political position on the Palestinian issue.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Russia Today TV station, the veteran politician said that King Abdullah’s rejection of the Deal of the Century peace agreement drafted by the administration of former US president Donald Trump has cost the Kingdom an “economic siege”.

On the recent plot to destabilize Jordan, dubbed “the sedition”, Fayez said that the investigation into the conspiracy, which has seen prominent figures implicated, is still underway and all results will be shared with the public, including whether foreign individuals or states were involved in concocting the scheme.

He referred to speculations that there was interference from former Trump advisor Jared Kushner and foreign countries, indicating that the investigations will “unveil the truth about this”.

Fayez, also a former prime minister and Royal Court chief, pointed out that the West realizes the importance of stability in Jordan and its impact on the region, noting that when Trump presented the peace deal through Kushner, Jordan’s position was clear in rejecting the plan.

He described the relationship between Trump and the King as “cold”, citing the fact that King Abdullah was normally in constant contact with the previous US administrations before Trump, visiting the United States three to four times a year on average, which was not the case after the Republican president took office.

The King was a “thorn” in the side of the Trump administration, Fayez told the station.

On Israel, he said it is in its interest to weaken Jordan.

On Saudi Arabia, he said that it represents a strategic depth for Jordan, and “we have a strong fraternal relationship with it; we share the same destiny”.

Responding to a question about accusations against Saudi Arabia from abroad, he said there may be some parties that are trying through these accusations to negatively influence the relations between Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

“I do not accuse anyone, and I cannot accuse anyone before the investigations are over,” he concluded.

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