Senate concludes political reform dialogue

Senate President Faisal Fayez heads the last session of political reform dialogue
Senate President Faisal Fayez heads the last session of political reform dialogue, on Monday. (Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — Senate Speaker Faisal Al-Fayez On Monday concluded a series of meetings launched about a month ago regarding political reform and legislation governing political life in Jordan.اضافة اعلان

Chief information officer in the Senate, Hekmat Momani, told Jordan News that this dialogue began in Amman about a month ago, and since then, 19 meetings were held with representatives from various governorates, in addition to the northern, central and southern Badia regions of Jordan.

Many representatives of local communities and unions, in addition to tribal representatives, political activists and others participated in the dialogues in the hope of achieving political reform in Jordan, according to Momani.

“These meetings aim to listen to people's concerns and problems and hear their demands,” Momani said. “The dialogues also sought to hear out the political views of the people and their vision of political reform, including the electoral law and the political parties’ law.”

According to Momani, the results of the meetings will be submitted to the king to chart out the next steps in the process of the political reform.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, Fayez asserted that no one is above the authority of the state and that without security and stability there would be no political, economic, or social development.

Fayez affirmed the importance of the Jordanian tribes, but asserted that “Jordan is the biggest tribe” to which residents must be loyal.

“The tribe is the most important component of the Jordanian society, as it contributed by standing behind the Hashemite leadership in building the nation's institutions and maintaining its strength, and the comprehensive Jordanian national identity has also strengthened the cohesion of the nation and the strength of its institutions,” he said.

Last month, the Lower House, government, and Senate launched a national dialogue to revisit laws governing political life in Jordan as per His Majesty King Abdullah’s instructions.

The King on Wednesday said that the envisioned political reform process will be based on the Discussion Papers His Majesty has written and published on the way forward.

He underlined the importance of this dialogue, saying that it should push the envelope regarding the projects under discussion, which will expand to cover social, economic, and administrative reform. The King pointed out that the debate should be held in “an open and transparent” atmosphere and tackle the problems encountered by every sector.

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