Sacked deputy’s replacement takes oath Wednesday morning

MP Ramzi Al-Ajarmeh
MP Ramzi Al-Ajarmeh (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — MP Ramzi Al-Ajarmeh, the candidate who trailed dismissed deputy Osama Ajarmeh in the last parliamentary elections, was sworn in as MP of the capital’s fifth district on Wednesday morning. اضافة اعلان

Ramzi’s oath was taken in accordance with the provisions of Article 80 of the Constitution and Article 4 of the internal system of the House of Representatives.

The newly sworn-in MP told Jordan News that he stands with national unity, and what the former deputy Osama Al-Ajarmeh did was an individual act that does not represent or speak for the tribe, declining to comment further.

Ramzi who received 2,186 votes, replaced Osama Al-Ajarmeh, both of whom were on the Al-Bairaq electoral roll.

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