RSS, ACES partner to provide advisory services for Gulf region

HRH Princess Sumaya (center) at a signing ceremony for a partnership between the RSS and ACES. (Photo: Handout from the RSS)
AMMAN— The Royal Scientific Society (RSS) and the Arab Center for Engineering Studies (ACES) signed a memorandum of understanding to form a partnership and collaborate on projects throughout the Gulf region.اضافة اعلان

Hosting the ceremony, the RSS President HRH Princess Sumaya stressed the importance of collaborating closely with industries and the private sector to increase the magnitude and variety of projects carried out regionally to positively impact Jordan’s economy, according to a statement from the RSS.

“We look forward to expanding the scope of this memorandum of understanding in the very near future through the integration of work between ACES and the RSS, especially in new local and regional projects,” Princess Sumaya said.

“Moreover, we are excited about the many learning opportunities both parties will enjoy by sharing experiences, and acquiring new expertise, technical otherwise.”

The memorandum aims to strengthen cooperation between both entities to provide advisory services for environmental, food, and industrial chemistry testing.

Additionally, both parties will collaborate to provide testing services in mechanics, energy efficiency, and renewable energy, and advisory services related to measurements, calibrations, and conformity certificates, as well as training and capacity building.

Both organizations will also offer joint services in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iraq, and Kuwait.

The memorandum was signed by RSS Vice President for Technical Affairs Tareq Hasan, and ACES’ CEO Izzat Katkhuda.

Tareq explained that in addition to the RSS’ specialized testing services, the RSS cultivates and furthers research and development projects with local industries and universities to foster innovation and intellectual properties.

Tareq added: “The RSS provides consultations for the private and public sectors, and works in partnership with regional and international organizations.

Since its inception as a national and independent organization, the prime objectives of the RSS have been to protect human health and safety, to safeguard the environment, and to contribute to sustainable economic development”.

CEO of the ACES Group Izzat Katkhuda, elaborated that the Arab Center is a specialized engineering company with 20 offices spanning across the Middle East.

He added that ACES offers a wide range of specialized engineering services including site reconnaissance, geotechnical investigations, material technology, and environmental testing. 

The meeting was concluded with a lengthy discussions between the executives of both organizations about the next steps to be taken in order to materialize the memorandum into an actionable plan to yield results.

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