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October 21 2021 10:00 PM ˚

Performance of Tawjihi students similar to past years’ average — minister

(Photo: Jordan News)
(Photo: Jordan News)
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AMMAN — The Tawjihi test paper marking process is progressing well, and based on the samples examined, the performance is similar to that of the past years, except 2020, which saw Tawjihi scores skyrocket.اضافة اعلان

In his remarks at a meeting with the education committee at the Lower House, Minister of Education and Higher Education Mohammad Abu Qdeis, said even in the physics exam, which triggered a wave of public anger due to the high level of difficulty and the insufficiency of the time dedicated to the test, many students did well.

But he acknowledged there was a problem for many students.  

The minister told the lawmakers that when preparations were under way ahead of the general exam, he was briefed by officials on their approach in terms of difficulty, assuring him that the exceptional circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, such as distant learning, would be taken into consideration when test questions would be drafted.

The minister then went to the media and said that the questions “would not be challenging” due to the same circumstances, but students were shocked at the difficulty of the questions and insufficiency of time, especially in physics and chemistry.

Lawmakers urged the minister to hold to account those who caused the situation and Abu Qdeis vowed to take the proper action.

In remarks to Jordan News following the discussion, MP Firas Al-Ajarmeh, a member of the panel, told Jordan News that the most important point was that the assurances the minister gave that his ministry would take into consideration what happened with students during the physics and chemistry tests.

Abdu Qdeis stressed that in all cases, there was no intention at all on the part of the ministry to raise the difficulty factor in Tawjihi to reduce the number of students who achieve the full mark, like the 2020 session, when 78 students in the scientific and literary branches scored 100, an unprecedented trend in the history of the country, while thousands made it to above 95.

The ministry came under fire for making last year’s test too easy and critics this year accused officials of an attempt to reverse the 2020 situation by making it hard for students to score high.

During the meeting, the minister also announced that half an hour will be added to each of the math exam sessions for the scientific slated on Tuesday and Thursday.

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