Students, teachers reflect on Saturday’s Arabic Tawjihi exam

(Photo: Unsplash)
(Photo: Unsplash)
AMMAN — On Saturday morning, Jordan’s Arabic Tawjihi exam (general secondary education certificate examination) left some students frustrated and others satisfied.اضافة اعلان

“I felt that today’s Arabic exam was neither difficult nor easy. It was reasonable. I felt like I was well-prepared. Many of my peers didn’t have enough time to review their answers by the end of the exam, though,” student Mahmoud Abuali told Jordan News on Saturday.

“In my opinion, the exam was too long, and it should have been structured differently,” he said. “Compared to other exams, however, the Arabic exam was easy.” 

In an interview with Jordan News, Amin Rafiq, a Tawjihi teacher with a PhD in Arabic, contended that the “majority of the questions came directly from the book, and the ones that didn’t required some skill from the student, which is normal in Tawjihi exams. Students that fully depend on memorization rather than understanding will face difficulties during the exam.”

Rafiq added that students were particularly dissatisfied with the essay question.  

“Among the 50 questions, the third question may have caused some confusion. Error correction questions also required much focus and skill and may have been difficult for many,” Rafiq said. 

Fawzi Faheem, author of the Tawjihi curricula on Arabic grammar and morphology, said in an interview with Jordan News that Saturday’s exam “must not be compared to previous Arabic Tawjihi exams.”

“Some questions required critical thinking and didn’t depend fully on the preparation of the student for the exam. Furthermore, page three of the exam contains a question that requires the overall understanding of the text, and this applies to many other questions,” said Faheem.

Tawjihi exams, which mark the end of high school for Jordanian students and are a determining factor in college acceptances, will take place on June 24 and conclude on July 15.

According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Education, 207,280 students are taking the exams this year at 838 testing centers.

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