PSD launches campaign to promote seat belt usage among drivers, warns of fines

closeup of a man fastening his seat belt
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AMMAN — In a bid to combat the alarming increase in car traffic accidents, the Public Security Directorate (PSD) launched on Monday a nationwide campaign urging drivers to wear their seat belts while on the road.اضافة اعلان

The campaign’s message emphasizes that wearing a seatbelt is for your own safety.

Maj. Gen. Obaidallah Maaytah, director of PSD, revealed that the Central Traffic Department, operating under his directorate, will oversee the implementation of this comprehensive campaign.

The police, he added, will actively monitor and enforce seat belt regulations, as reported by local media outlets.

JD15 fine for violators
The campaign is executed in accordance with Article 38 of the Jordan Traffic Law No. 49 of 2008, which stipulates that individuals failing to wear seat belts will be subject to a fine of JD15.

Maaytah highlighted that the initiative applies to all vehicles, whether civilian or military. Moreover, he emphasized that the PSD, as the supervisory authority, is committed to upholding traffic rules, setting an example for citizens and even its own employees.

Maaytah further stressed the PSD's determination to control traffic accidents due to the significant human and material losses they cause, which detrimentally impact the nation's resources.

Citing studies, he underscored that the use of seat belts by both drivers and passengers can reduce the risk of serious injuries by 50–60 percent.

PSD addresses social media misinformation
The PSD also refuted rumors circulating on social media platforms, clarifying that front-seat passengers are not fined for non-compliance if they cannot produce identification while not wearing a seat belt.

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