National bird featured on new JD1 bill

1JD bill Petra photo
(Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — A newly designed JD1 banknote went into circulation Monday, announced the Central Bank of Jordan. The new bill contains enhanced security features the Jordan national bird, the Sinai rosefinch. اضافة اعلان

The new note is part of the fifth issue of national banknotes and will soon be followed by new notes for JD5, JD10, JD20, and JD50 to enter circulation.

Enhanced features on the new JD1 bill include a watermark of the Sherif Hussein Bin Ali and a hidden denomination, a security thread on the back of the note and a holographic patch, and raised ink and lines that can be felt while holding the bill.

Sinai rosefinchThe bill was redesigned to include a bird, a change that left many questioning, local media outlets reported. The bird chosen on the dinar is the Sinai rosefinch, which is the national bird of Jordan.

Usually pinkish, the Sinai rosefinch was chosen as Jordan’s national bird due to its similarity in color to the red sandstone on Petra. The bird can best be seen near the Petra Mountains. 

The Sinai rosefinch is an impressive bird due to its attractive colors and unique living habits. It usually lives near areas with nearly no vegetation and travels long distances for water. It can be easily overlooked due to its quiet nature.

The Sinai rosefinch is a social bird, and is often seen in flocks of up to 200 birds, except during the breeding season.

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