National Conference for Rights condemns situation in Jordan

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AMMAN — The National Conference for Rights and Freedoms condemns the human rights situation in Jordan and criticizes the delay in the issuance of the National Center's report, which is supposed to cover the state of rights and freedoms for the past year.اضافة اعلان

They consider that the continuous decline in the state of rights and freedoms has spread a general atmosphere of frustration and despair and eroded the trust of the citizens, despite the promises of political reform and the elected partisan governments, which have led to a widespread sense of disillusionment and lack of confidence among the citizens, Jo24 News reported.

Rights to water
The statement focuses on the government's intention to raise water prices, criticizing the government for blaming citizens for the water shortage problem, which is largely due to the actions of influential individuals who misuse water resources and the deterioration of the infrastructure.

The statement also highlights the government's shortcomings in transitioning to renewable energy sources in the water sector, which would help reduce operational costs.

The signatory parties of the statement (including the Labor Party, the Islamic Action Front, the Popular Unity Party, the Future and Life Party, the Partnership and Rescue Party) demand a transition to programmatic partisan governments elected through fair election laws and impartial parties to save the country and its people from the current approach.

Here are key excerpts from the statement
“The government's decision to raise water prices over the next five years by an annual rate of 4.6 percent, resulting in an increase of more than 25 percent in water prices, is a threat to the livelihood of Jordanians. This is especially true since public sector wages have remained stagnant for ten years, while wages in the private sector, particularly in small and unorganized businesses, continue to decline.

This comes alongside the loss of job opportunities for many due to the economic downturn during the COVID-19 pandemic and the government's misguided policies, the lack of employment opportunities for young people, skyrocketing unemployment rates that are among the highest in the region and the world, and an increase in the poverty rate according to reports from the World Bank, reaching 35 percent. This is in addition to the ongoing annual inflation, rising prices of food and medicine, and the high taxes on fuel and unfair electricity tariffs.

The Jordanian citizen can no longer tolerate these weak and ineffectual governments that create crises instead of solving them. The transition to programmatic partisan governments through fair and transparent elections, free from any interference, with fair election laws and constitutional parties, has become necessary to save Jordan, its people, and economy from the current approach. It is the responsibility of the Jordanian people, as stipulated in Article 24 of the Constitution, as the source of authority.”

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