Some report water bills have risen before start of new tariffs

utility service payment concept water meter
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN —Citizens in Jordan are facing unexpected increases in their monthly water bills, despite previous government assurances that the price hikes would begin next year. اضافة اعلان

Complaints have poured into The National Society of Consumer Protection from across the country, with many expressing frustration, especially when their water supply is limited to just four to five hours per week in some areas, Jo24 News reported.

Criticism of the new tariffs
Mohammad Obeidat, president of the Society of Consumer Protection, strongly opposes the recent measures by water companies, which rely on estimation rather than meter readings to determine bills. He highlights concerns about how these increases affect lower-income families, where the allocated water barely suffices for two or three people. The annual increase of 4.6 percent will continue until December 2028, despite stagnant wages and salaries for several years.

Obeidat urges the government to reconsider these price hikes, taking into account the economic hardships faced by citizens. Additionally, he calls for addressing network deterioration and theft, without placing the financial burden on struggling citizens. Maintaining or replacing deteriorating networks should be prioritized, given Jordan's limited water resources.

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