Cabinet approves new Water Authority board and tariffs

Cabinet approves new Water Authority board and tariffs
(Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)
AMMAN — The Cabinet approved in its session held on Sunday, September 18, the assignment of the Board of Directors of the Water Authority, including a plan to restructure the tariff for water and sewage for the household sector for the years 2023-2029. اضافة اعلان

This is in line with the National Water Strategy 2023-2040, which aims to achieve water security, improve supply, and services provided to subscribers.

It also aims to ensure the financial sustainability of the sector, which currently has a debt of approximately JD2.3 billion. There are concerns that it may reach JD4 billion by 2030 if necessary measures are not taken to deal with the growing burden, Ammon News reported.

Increasing tariffs
The plan also includes transitioning from issuing water and sewage bills on a quarterly basis to a monthly basis for all sectors throughout the Kingdom, starting from the bill for September of this year.

The restructuring plan includes a gradual annual increase in the average water and sewage tariff for household consumption by 4.6 percent, starting from December 1, 2023, until December 1, 2028, to gradually cover operation and maintenance costs by 2030. The application of the new tariff will begin on December 1st, with the first impact on the bill for January 2024.

Water tariff segments
According to the new structure, there will be no change in the fixed water tariff for the first segment, which consumes 6m3 or less per month during 2024.

The tariff for the second, third, and fourth segments, which consume between seven and 24m3, will increase by JD0.05 per cubic meter.

The fifth segment, which consumes between 25 and 30m3, will increase by JD0.10 per cubic meter.

The sixth segment, which consumes between 31 and 42m3, will increase by JD0.18 per cubic meter.

The seventh and last segment, with monthly consumption exceeding 42m3, will increase by JD0.28 per cubic meter.

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