Ministry of Water to propose amendment to water tariffs

They also aim to introduce new tiers of water users rather than a general tariff system

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AMMAN — The Ministry of Water and Irrigation has prepared a proposal to amend the water tariff and introduce specific tiers for water users, in preparation for its submission to the Council of Ministers for approval, according to a document related to the executive program for the economic modernization vision.اضافة اعلان

As stated in the document, reviewed by "Al-Mamlaka," this tariff amendment is part of "preparing the financial sustainability plan for the water sector to achieve water efficiency and self-sustainability."

The earlier stages of the economic modernization vision's executive program indicated that the government plans to approve the water tariff amendment in September of the current year Nabd reported.

National water strategy
Earlier this year, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation announced its intention to "gradually raise" the water tariff over the coming years, affirming that there would be "no change" to the tariff during the current year.

In March, the Cabinet approved the National Water Strategy (2023-2040) after an "in-depth study of the water situation and the significant scarcity suffered by the Kingdom in water, and the limited resources in contrast to the increasing demand."

The document also highlights "efforts towards several projects and measures to reduce assaults on water sources, curb theft, and subsequently decrease non-revenue water loss, which will help achieve the objectives of the financial sustainability plan."

Water loss prevention
The document reports that non-revenue water loss was reduced by 2.27 percent during the first quarter of the current year, and work is ongoing to measure the results for the second quarter of 2023.

This comes after implementing a strategy to reduce non-revenue water loss through rehabilitating water networks in various regions of the Kingdom, including rehabilitation of water networks in Irbid, Ramtha, Al-Salt, and others, in addition to taking numerous measures for enforcement against assaults and theft, and replacing meters, as mentioned in the document.

The document also addresses the "amendment of the groundwater monitoring system, which included raising the extraction tariff after the free quantity to 6 piasters, and reducing the free water quantity."

It further highlights the "modification and approval of the principles of drilling saline groundwater wells in the Jordan Valley, including expanding the geographic scope of the saline wells area to include the southern Ghor region."

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