Water ministry announces National Water Strategy 2023–2040

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AMMAN — The Ministry of Water and Irrigation issued a statement on Monday announcing the National Water Strategy 2023–2040. The strategy outlines the government's objectives and plans in the water sector, aligning with the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah.اضافة اعلان

One of the main objectives of the strategy is to reduce water loss by 2 percent annually, with a target of reaching a 25 percent reduction by 2040, according to the ministry.

This objective will be achieved through measures such as increasing energy efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing reliance on alternative energy sources.

The strategy also aims to improve operations and maintenance practices, ensuring financial stability within the water sector, minimizing losses, and establishing long-term financial sustainability, the statement added.

Exploring non-traditional water sources
Furthermore, emphasizes the importance of exploring non-traditional water sources to enhance and sustain the water supply.

Projects like the National Water Carrier Project and significant expansions in wastewater treatment for irrigation purposes are key components of this effort.

These initiatives aim to address the growing water deficit, improve supply efficiency for drinking water, and provide water for industrial, agricultural, and tourism sectors.

In addition to addressing immediate water-related challenges, the National Water Strategy also focuses on long-term considerations.

It aims to tackle climate change impacts, reduce the depletion of groundwater, and restore the health of groundwater basins.

The strategy emphasizes the importance of water sector governance and its interconnection with the environment, food security, and energy. By empowering the agricultural sector and ensuring water security, the strategy seeks to achieve sustainable development.

The statement further elaborates that the National Water Strategy (2023–2040) is centered around integrated water resource management. This approach entails safeguarding groundwater and surface water sources, along with strict enforcement of water usage and protection laws and regulations.

Multi-faceted solutions
The strategy also emphasizes the significance of financial performance and sustainability, establishing a robust data system to support decision-making, and fostering innovation and technology adoption.

Additionally it aims to promote collaboration among various government entities, private sector organizations, civil society, academic institutions, and research bodies. It also aims to attract expertise, engage and empower youth, and provide scientific research opportunities in water and sanitation fields.

The National Water Strategy was approved by the Cabinet in March 2023, following a thorough examination and endorsement by the concerned committees.

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