Jordan holds $1.9b in committed foreign aid, requires $3.2b - Toukan

1. Syrian refugee
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AMMANMinister of planning and international cooperation, Zeina Toukan, affirmed on Friday, August 25, that the funds directed towards the Jordanian response plan to the Syrian crisis, in both its cash and developmental assistance aspects, do not exceed 9 percent of the needs set by the Kingdom to continue providing essential necessities for Syrian refugees.اضافة اعلان

She also confirmed that the committed and signed foreign aid amounts to $1.9 billion up to the current date, noting that there are ongoing negotiations for agreements that are expected to increase this assistance to $3.2 billion by the end of the current year, Hala News reported.

Toukan stressed that the Jordanian economy is interconnected with the world and is influenced by global trends and that economic plans are always formulated based on global projections and are not developed in isolation from them. The realistic economic indicators were established when preparing the executive program for the economic update vision, and these indicators are regularly monitored based on global political and economic developments.

Jordanian economic management
The chief economist for the Middle East and North Africa region at the World Bank, Roberta Gatti, stated that Jordan is the only country in the region that has managed to confront consecutive crises with high capability and effective management. The most recent of these is the deflationary inflation being witnessed globally. Jordan has maintained stable inflation levels due to the prudent monetary policy of the Central Bank of Jordan.

She stressed the importance of investing in the well-trained Jordanian human capital, which represents the essential element for achieving the desired economic growth in the update vision.

During the session, Piata Gavorsk, chief economist at the European Bank for reconstruction and development, clarified that the main driver of Jordan's economic growth is attracting investments and sending a signal to the world that Jordan is open for investment.

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