My relations with King Abdullah at its best — Prince Ali

prince ali
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein said, in an interview with Al-Jazeera’s Ola Al-Fares (parts of which were carried by local media) that he had served in the Jordan Special Forces when King Abdullah was commander, adding that when he was asked by the King to assume the command of his special security team, “the trust of His Majesty in him as a brother to protect the his life and the life of his family was a very important step for him and boosted his self-confidence,” the Prince said.اضافة اعلان

Prince Ali said he loved the armed forces, which gravitated him towards going into military school after his high school education.  “It taught me how to think in a sound manner and how to deal with people,” he said.

Prince Ali also denied that there were any differences between him and the King that led to his removal from his post in 2008, affirming that his relationship with King Abdullah is at its best.  “He is my eldest brother, and I remain a soldier and protector to him.” 

Prince Ali said that during that time, King Abdullah wanted to establish the National Center for Security and Crises Management (NCSCM), and asked him to take on the responsibility of the Center, which he viewed as “a progression.”

Prince Ali said the NCSCM is a pure Jordanian model and functions through national institutions to mitigate crises and “render issues of scale into small problems,” whether natural disasters, floods, or health threats like COVID-19, or of different nature, like terrorism, in addition to economic matters that may threaten the country’s security.

He said King Abdullah thought of setting up the Center in the aftermath of the 2005 three coordinated bombings of Amman hotels.  

On losing the 2015 FIFA presidency elections, Prince Ali said “it was regrettable that some Arab states did not vote for him, and that certain influential personalities in the sports scene strongly opposed him,” adding that the reason for such a stand is unknown to him.
Prince Ali said it would be unlikely to run again for the FIFA presidency, and wished that the World Cup in Qatar will be a model for all Arabs. 

On his memories of his late father, King Hussein, Prince Ali said that the times he spent with King Hussein are carved in his memory, and he would never forget how King Hussein used to consult with his sons about various issues.  “What I most remember about King Hussein is his unlimited love for his people and for peacemaking…I miss him every day,” he said.

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