Ministry summons Israel envoy over bad treatment of Jordanian arrestees

jordanian detainees
The two Jordanians (left: Khalifa, right: Musab) who were arrested by Israeli forces after sneaking across the border on May 16, 2021. (Photo: Handout from the detainees' families)
AMMAN — The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday summoned the Israeli ambassador in Amman to “deliver a harshly-worded message regarding the detention of two Jordanian citizens in Israel and the way the case and the two men are being treated by the Israeli authorities”.اضافة اعلان

In a statement, ministry said it demanded the Israeli side to allow diplomats from the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv to visit the arrestees and offer the support they need in line with relevant international laws.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Dheifallah Al-Fayez, said in the statement that the embassy was in contact with the lawyer representing the men, who had been arrested after crossing the border into Israel “with knives”.  

More than 10 days after two men crossed the Jordanian-Palestinian border, the conditions of the detainees were deteriorating under interrogation, their lawyer told Jordan News over the phone.

The two young men "have been subjected to harsh interrogation methods from the first day of their arrest, been thrown into individual cells in conditions that lack the minimum humane requirements, in addition to the poor quality and quantity of meals provided to them,” said Khaled Mahajneh, the lawyer representing the currently detained men, in the interview.

The detainees are named Musab Daajah and Khalifa Al-Anouz, aged 38 and 29, respectively. According to Human Rights Watch, tens of thousands of Palestinians have been subject to torture or severe interrogation by Israel. Israeli military law holds that detainees can be held under interrogation for up to 75 days without being officially charged.

"The occupation authorities tie their hands and feet for long hours during the day,” added Mahajneh. “They are interrogated 10 times per day by more than five interrogators."

Mahajneh claimed that "those interrogators want them to confess to false charges that they are innocent of."

"One of the two men is sick and tired," Mahajneh said. "He suffer from a terrible headache since the first day of the arrest. They gave him some painkillers but that is not enough; he needs real medication.”

"I cannot foresee when they are going to be released,” the lawyer went on. “The Israeli Court extended the detention order for the fourth time, and according to them, they are treating the two men according to the laws. This is the investigation phase and it is the hardest and longest. When the investigation ends, these two men may be moved to another prison where they will be in better conditions."

According to a report issued by the Commission of Detainees Affairs, the two men entered Israel last Saturday, and then crossed the Jordan River, which is located on the border fence near the town of Sama. After crossing the border, they walked about 30-35km. It took them about a day and a half to walk until they reached a populated area between Tiberias and Beit She'an.

The report added that they were arrested by Israeli police who passed near that area, and then taken to the police station for initial interrogation. They were finally transferred to the investigation centers of the occupation intelligence.

The ministry also protested to the Israeli envoy over continued Israeli violations in Jerusalem, and a plan to forcibly evict Palestinian Jerusalemite families from their home in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

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