Ministry of Labor introduces new safety regulations for workers

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Ministry of Labor. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – The Ministry of Labor has introduced two new regulations for occupational safety and health, set to take effect next month. The regulations represent a notable development of the work environment system and are part of the Ministry's commitment to providing a safe and healthy work environment for workers in the private sector.اضافة اعلان

The two regulations, named "Medical Preventive and Treatment Care for Workers in Institutions for the year 2023" and "Occupational Safety and Health and Prevention of Occupational Hazards in Institutions for the year 2023," were recently published and can be reviewed on the Ministry’s website, Addustour reported.

Medical and preventive care for workersThe first regulation, "Medical Preventive and Treatment Care for Workers in Institutions for the year 2023," aims to establish legal provisions for occupational health standards in line with international practices. It emphasizes providing medical and preventive care for workers to minimize workplace injuries, occupational diseases, and their related impacts. Regular medical examinations for workers are part of this regulation to ensure their safety in the work environment.

The new legislationEmployers employing 50 workers or more are mandated to establish a medical unit within the institution and its branches to provide medical and health care. Meanwhile, employers with fewer than 50 workers must ensure medical, preventive, and treatment care by sending an employee for certified first aid training.

Promote workers’ well-being
Furthermore, the regulation requires employers to appoint medical staff based on the economic activity's risk level and workforce size. A specialized medical paramedic category is also introduced to enhance medical care for workers. To promote workers' well-being, the regulation emphasizes the need for employers to consider the health condition of specific worker categories, such as pregnant women and persons with disabilities.

Preventive proceduresThe second regulation, "Occupational Safety and Health and Prevention of Occupational Hazards in Institutions for the year 2023," aims to define preventive procedures and measures to protect workers in economic establishments from occupational hazards, accidents, and occupational diseases in line with international standards.

Employers with at least 20 workers are obligated to establish a policy for occupational safety and health, following the Ministry's approved model. They are also required to conduct a risk assessment of occupational hazards in the work environment to ensure worker safety.

Employers must monitor and report
Under the regulation, employers must monitor and report work-related accidents or potential accidents promptly. Additionally, employers should create emergency plans within their institutions to handle unforeseen incidents. The regulation emphasizes facilitating access for workers with disabilities to protect them from workplace hazards.

The Ministry's spokesperson, Mohammed Al-Zyoud, stated that these regulations mark a notable step towards creating safer work environments and protecting the well-being of workers. With their implementation, the Ministry aims to enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and ensure the overall well-being of the workforce in various economic establishments.

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