Mafraq development launches major logistics and airport projects

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Mafraq Development Company, affiliated with the Al-Daman Development Zones Company (DDC) has outlined the terms of reference for launching a tender to establish an integrated logistics services center in Mafraq covering an area of 3,700 dunams. This initiative aims to create a land port for transporting goods to neighboring countries and convert the former King Hussein Air Base into a commercial airport, as stated by Dr. Ezzedin Kanakrieh, the head of the Social Security Investment Fund, during the discussion at the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee on Tuesday.اضافة اعلان

Kanakrieh mentioned that the Mafraq Development Company has successfully attracted Jordanian, Arab, and international investments totaling about JD500 million. This includes 58 operating and under-construction factories in various sectors such as engineering, construction, chemicals, fertilizers, food industries, agricultural manufacturing, clothing, textiles, aluminum, and iron production, sanitizer and cleaning materials, and sanitary paper, Al-Mamlaka TV, Jordan News Agency, Petra reported.

The operational factories provide around 1,300 permanent job opportunities, while those under construction offer approximately 1,780 permanent job opportunities, according to Kanakrieh.

Additionally, the Irbid Development Zone has attracted investments of about JD40 million in sectors like information technology, software, call centers, entrepreneurship incubators, and a technical college for vocational training. These investments create 2,300 job opportunities for Jordanians, with ongoing plans to attract further entrepreneurial investments to contribute to enhancing the Kingdom’s regional position in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Kanakrieh explained that the DMAN has initiated the second phase of the agricultural project in the Al-Mudawara area this year. The project involves the production of various crops such as wheat, table potatoes, industrial potatoes, animal feed, and onions. The company is considering investments in the food production chain and food industries, cultivating high-economic-feasibility crops, and other crops for export.

He further highlighted the ongoing expansion and rehabilitation project of the Crowne Plaza Petra Hotel. This expansion includes the construction of the first conference hall in the city with international specifications, along with 145 hotel rooms and chalets. The reopening of the hotel is expected to provide 200 direct job opportunities and stimulate sectors related to the tourism industry, positioning Petra as a major destination for conference tourism in the south.

Regarding the SSIF, Kanakrieh reported positive performance indicators. By the end of the third quarter, the fund's assets reached approximately JD14.5 billion, compared to JD13.8 billion, at the end of the previous year, with a growth rate of about 5.2 percent. The fund also achieved a 21 percent growth in income, reaching JD611 million by the end of the third quarter of this year, compared to JD504.8 million for the same period last year.

Kanakrieh emphasized that the fund operates by investment policy controls, prioritizing viable national investments beneficial to the fund and the Jordanian economy. He presented the fund's notable investments and projects, including participation in partnership projects like the National Carrier Project, with ongoing communication regarding project implementation and management with the coalition that submitted an offer to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation.

The strategic plan of the fund in the coming period focuses on studying investment opportunities in sectors such as mining, energy, real estate development, and communications. Additionally, the fund is interested in establishing new tourism, entertainment, and commercial projects in Aqaba, financing new projects through financial leasing, and participating in major national projects, including partnership projects and those aligned with the economic modernization vision.