Lower House to hold extraordinary session in July, focused on key draft laws

Lower House  Parliament
(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The House of Representatives is gearing up for an extraordinary session scheduled to take place in the middle of next month. Parliamentary sources anticipate a busy agenda, with a particular emphasis on urgent legislations that the government is eager to push through.اضافة اعلان

Addressing the issue of road safety, one of the primary focuses of the extraordinary session will be an amendment to the Traffic Law.

The government is determined to enforce stricter penalties for traffic violations that lead to accidents and loss of life, as reported by Ad-Dustour daily.

Under the proposed amendment, repeat offenders will face doubled penalties, aimed at safeguarding road users and public as well as private property.

The draft law also includes provisions to approve electronically extracted data related to vehicles, drivers, traffic violations, automated control, and accident records. In addition, it proposes the establishment of a Higher Council for Traffic Safety.

Constitutional rights and data protection in focus
Another significant item on the agenda is a draft law on personal data protection, designed to reinforce constitutional rights and freedoms outlined in the Jordanian constitution.

The government aims to consolidate the country's regulatory framework for the digital environment, ensuring the protection of personal data and preventing its misuse.

This legislation seeks to strike a balance between individuals' rights to safeguard their personal data and the necessity of data processing and retention in the era of big data and artificial intelligence.

Other draft laws on the agenda
Other draft laws set to be discussed during the extraordinary session include the regulation of the legal accounting profession, an amendment to the Companies Law, and revisions to the cybercrime law.

Parliamentary sources also suggest the inclusion of a draft law that amends the Public Security Law in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph (2) of Article (40) of the Jordanian Constitution. The aim is to redefine the procedure for appointing the Director of Public Security. Additionally, the proposed amendments seek to ensure that public security salaries align with similar legislation, guaranteeing equality and justice for all military personnel within the Public Security Directorate and other military agencies.

Efforts are underway to introduce a draft general amnesty law for consideration during the special session.

The Committee on Public Freedoms and Human Rights in the House of Representatives has already adopted a parliamentary memorandum and a draft law proposal related to this matter.

The extraordinary session is in accordance with the constitutional provisions of Jordan, which grant the king the authority to convene such sessions or respond to the request of an absolute majority of the members of Parliament.

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