Likee, Tkiyet Um Ali partner to raise awareness through short-videos

(Photo: Likee/ Tkiyet Um Ali)
AMMAN — Tkiyet Um Ali (TUA), a Jordanian NGO partner with Likee, a leading short-video community in the region to raise awareness and engage with potential donors through storytelling. اضافة اعلان

Established in 2003, TUA provides food aid to families living in extreme poverty across the Kingdom. Through the Sustainable Food Aid program, they distribute food parcels containing 19 essential commodities, ensuring families have enough to prepare three meals a day for an entire month.

Additionally, TUA serves daily hot lunch meals to hundreds of individuals through their Wayfarer program and provides Iftar meals to thousands during Ramadan through their Mawa’ed Al Rahman program.

For over two years, TUA has partnered with Likee, a leading short-video community in showcasing the organization’s capacities to its potential donors by utilizing short-videos.

TUA highlighted that the strategy was to use short-videos to create emotional connection and utilize modern algorithms to amplify its content.

Short-videos, long-term impactTUA highlighted that this strategy has been particularly vital for charity organizations, enabling them to connect with a younger demographic that may have been unaware of their cause.

Nothing that short videos offer increased engagement, wider reach, user-generated content, and flexibility to create a powerful emotional connection with its viewers, inspiring them to support charitable causes.

The shareability of these videos further amplifies their impact, as they can easily go viral, spreading awareness and attracting greater support.

During their most recent collaboration "Share a Meal This Eid,” Likee introduced a dedicated event page within the application, encouraging users and creators to share videos and extend their blessings to those in need during Eid.

For each participant, Likee donated to Tkiyet Um Ali, which the NGO utilized to provide daily hot meals to families in extreme poverty.

To participate, users simply needed to share a video of themselves sharing a meal or a message of kindness, using campaign hashtags such as #ShareaMealThisEid or #HappyEid. Participants were then able to collect an Eid package from Likee and receive an electronic donation certificate from the collaboration.

The campaign's immense success saw over 14,570 videos uploaded by more than 10,500 participants on Likee, generating over 16.63 million views.

With the rise of short form video platforms being supported by the global community's increasing preference of digital platforms and social media, a vast audience eager to engage with and support charitable causes is being realized.

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