Jordan thrives locally: no need for Israeli water — Haddadin

A highly detailed, hyper-realistic 4K wide-angle photograph style illustration depicting 'extracting groundwater in Jordan,' as if captured by a Sony
(Photo: AI-Generated)
AMMAN — In a recent interview, Dr. Mondir Haddadin, a former Water Minister and water expert, praised the Jordanian government’s decision to reject a proposed water-for-electricity deal with Israel. He stated that Jordan does not need water from Israel as it has abundant local sources available. اضافة اعلان

Dr. Haddadin highlighted the cost-effectiveness of treating this water, its potential for uranium residue treatment, and the existence of 35 deep wells that confirm the presence of groundwater, Jo24 reported.

He also revealed the presence of fossil groundwater that extends regionally and stressed its stability at different depths. According to Dr. Haddadin, these water sources are sufficient for Jordan and cost-effective. He also emphasized the ongoing supply of Disi Water without depletion, highlighting its extension across the Kingdom.

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