Jordan is not dependent on any state for water

Former Minister of Water and Irrigation, Hazem Al-Nasser
Former Minister of Water and Irrigation, Hazem Al-Nasser.
AMMANFormer Minister of Water and Irrigation, Hazem Al-Nasser, dismisses the notion that Jordan is dependent on any state for water, asserting that the Kingdom has sufficient resources for years to come. اضافة اعلان

Nasser stated on Friday that extracting deep groundwater in Jordan is more cost-effective and secure than relying on water from the Israeli Occupation, emphasizing its positive impact on the national economy. Previous studies and projects by the Ministry of Water and Irrigation indicate that Jordan possesses ample water resources for an extended period, eliminating the need for water from the occupiers, as Saraya News reported.

Nasser – “Jordan has not thoroughly examined the strategic, national, and financial dimensions of this agreement.”

Regarding Jordan's decision not to sign an energy and water exchange agreement with the occupying entity, Nasser attributes this decision to the Israeli occupation's lack of respect for international law.

National waters, national priorities: Jordan's bold standHe added that the siege on Gaza undermines the agreement's fundamental goals, such as regional cooperation, trust-building, and peace enhancement. Nasser insists that the occupiers' actions threaten national security, especially concerning the water issue, and applauds the decision to suspend the agreement, considering it a commendable step that aligns with Jordan's national interests and the welfare of both the Jordanian and Palestinian people.