Jordan sees uptick in maternity insurance claims

Experts call for expanded employment protection for pregnant workers

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AMMAN — The number of working mothers who received a maternity insurance allowance in 2021 increased slightly, reaching 10,988 from 10,501 in 2020, according to the Social Security Corporation’s annual report.اضافة اعلان

According to the report, which was carried by Al-Ghad News, 89,528 women workers have benefited from maternity insurance since it was introduced.

Meanwhile, experts welcomed a proposed amendment to the Social Security Law that would give pregnant workers the right to receive a maternity leave allowance if they had worked at a company for at least eight months before becoming pregnant. 

In its current version, the law stipulates that the insured person shall benefit from maternity insurance in accordance with the periods specified in the Labor Law, provided that they were covered by the provisions of this insurance for six months preceding their maternity leave.

According to the experts, cases have occurred in which maternity insurance could not be utilized because beneficiaries did not work during the six months preceding childbirth. If the amendment is passed, workers will be given greater protection.

Private sector maternity leave

A gender expert from the International Labor Organization (ILO), Reem Aslan, stressed the importance of increasing the minimum duration of maternity leave in the private sector to 90 days.

This increase, she said, would align the private sector with the ILO’s Convention on Maternity Protection.

Aslan noted that the majority of countries evaluated in a recent ILO survey provide monetary benefits through national security mechanisms. In developed economies, these benefits are increased through social security systems. In the Middle East, insurance rates for maternity leave benefits are the lowest globally.

Jordan is among a minority of Arab states that provide maternity benefits through the social security system, she said. In most Arab countries, employers are directly responsible for maternity leave.

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