Jordan’s per-capita water share fell to 61 cubic meters in 2022

water pipe
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The per-capita share of water in Jordan decreased to 61 cubic meters in 2022 — far below the global “absolute scarcity” water line of 500 cubic meters per person — and is expected to reach 35 cubic meters by 2040, according to Dr Muhammad Al-Maaytah of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation’s media department.اضافة اعلان

Maaytah was giving a talk as part of the ministry’s awareness workshops in Karak Governorate in cooperation with Mutah University, with the aim of spreading awareness on rationalizing water consumption and reducing waste, Khaberni reported.

Preserving a precious resourceDuring the talk, he spoke about the water situation in the Kingdom and how local communities can participate in conserving precious water resources for future generations.

Maaytah stressed that water is one of the basic rights of citizens. He called on his audience to preserve this resource and avoid wasting it to achieve national sustainable development goals, especially as water supply it has been decreasing due to rising usage, climate change, and population growth.

He also noted the gravity of attacks on water sources and said the ministry will not be lax in applying the law for every violation.

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