Jordan partakes in UNESCO 2024 conference on culture, art education

Jordan partakes in UNESCO 2024 conference on culture, art education
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ABU DHABI — Jordan participated in the UNESCO World Conference on Culture and Arts Education for 2024, organized by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DTC), as per Al-Mamlaka TV. The conference hosted over 190 education and culture ministers from around the world, with the aim of adopting the UNESCO framework for cultural and arts education and enhancing the status of culture and arts in schools.اضافة اعلان

Minister of Culture Haifa Najjar emphasized the importance of the UNESCO conference as a rich fabric of cultures and traditions defining this region. She stated, "Our commitment to cultural and artistic education aligns with the principles of inclusivity and understanding that form the core of this global conference."

Echoing the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah, who described education as the ‘cornerstone for building the future of any society,’ Najjar emphasized the conference's significance in guiding the path of the global collective future, with a focus on integrating the cultural dimension into education.

She also called for integrating arts and culture into various subjects such as history and sciences to ensure students' understanding of their cultural heritage and its interconnection with various disciplines, promoting a more inclusive global vision.

Regarding bridging the gap between authority and social interaction, Najjar acknowledged the success in implementing international programs that propel students to Ivy League universities but highlighted the existence of a gap in the education system's emphasis on establishing meaningful connections within the community. She emphasized the need to prioritize integrating cultural and social education.

Moreover, Najjar addressed the adoption of the concept of a ‘school without walls,’ previously proposed based on her educational experience. She advocated for schools as not just academic institutions but also social and cultural hubs, fostering environments where students are encouraged to explore, question, and interact with their surroundings, enhancing a deeper sense of connection and purpose.

She added that the purpose of education extends beyond academic achievement to broader goals such as personal development, social responsibility, civic engagement, and lifelong learning. This prepares individuals to positively contribute to society, participate in democratic processes, adapt to change, and pursue a meaningful and fulfilling life.

She also pointed out the plight of Palestinians in Gaza as a poignant reminder of the importance of compassion, mercy, and ethical responsibility in our interactions with others, affirming Jordan's commitment to advocating these values amidst the challenging circumstances they face.

Najjar highlighted that Jordan's rich cultural diversity is a source of strength and resilience. She underscored the significance of promoting a deep understanding and appreciation of our cultural heritage to pave the way for a more flexible and harmonious future.

The minister further called on all stakeholders, including teachers and policymakers, to join in the duty of enhancing resilience and reviving hope through cultural education.

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