Jordan committed to growth: Implements 31 reform measures

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AMMAN – On Saturday, Al-Mamlaka TV reported that Jordan has successfully implemented 31 additional reform measures under the Strengthening Reform Management Project in collaboration with the World Bank over the past six months. These measures serve to coordinate and monitor the government's committed reform matrix. Launched during the London Initiative conference in 2019, this matrix sets the stage for comprehensive reform initiatives.اضافة اعلان

With these recent actions, the project's completion rate has soared to 66 percent, benefiting 25 percent of women, according to available data. The total tally of completed reform measures now stands at 263, while 140 reforms remain pending within the framework.

Since January 2023, 19 reforms have been integrated into the updated matrix, with a particular focus on advancing women's reforms, which saw seven completed measures during the same period.

Funding for the project, totaling $6.5 million, was approved by the World Bank in September 2019. This support, drawn from a multi-donor credit fund, involves contributions from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Canada. Furthermore, an additional $9.3 million in financing has been allocated for the project in Jordan.

As of February, the World Bank has disbursed $6.4 million out of $15.8 million for project financing, with expectations of increased payments throughout 2024.

The project's core objective remains steadfast: achieving development goals and specific outcome indicators. The Reform Secretariat is pivotal in coordinating with various ministries and agencies, facilitating the effective implementation of targeted policy reforms through the Reform Support Fund.

Notable strides have been made in public investment management and public-private sector partnerships. The successful deployment of the National Investment Projects Registry has streamlined project submissions to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.

Additional financing has allowed for the expansion of the project's scope, extending the closure date to June 30, 2025, to align with the updated reform matrix. The World Bank commends the project's performance and significant impact on reform implementation in Jordan.

Jordan has bolstered policies, frameworks, and procurement processes through the program, emphasizing effective executive and administrative management. The deployment of the Jordan Establishment of E-Procurement System (JoNEPS) has been approved, benefiting 23 government institutions.

The World Bank highlights progress in public investment management, public-private sector partnerships, and the efficient operation of the National Registry of Investment Projects (NRIP).

Restructuring efforts include reallocating funds to support public-private partnership projects and procurement-related reforms. Simplification measures, such as reducing the project's components, aim to enhance efficiency.

The project's new development goal underscores the importance of coordination and reform implementation in Jordan, particularly within the updated reform matrix (2018-2024).

To oversee these efforts, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation's Economic Reform Implementation Unit was established in 2019 to provide essential technical assistance to ministries and departments. Regular communication ensures alignment and progress tracking.

The Reform Secretariat, housed within the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, continues to drive reforms across 12 pillars, supported by the Reform Support Fund. Key operations funded by the World Bank include comprehensive investment programs and economic opportunity initiatives.

The expanded reform matrix encompasses 44 reform areas, reflecting Jordan's commitment to economic growth and structural reforms outlined during the London Initiative conference in February 2019. The matrix's extension to 2024 underscores ongoing efforts to address the nation's critical economic policy issues.

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