Jordan's 2023 Syrian crisis response plan receives $663M funding

Zaatari refugee camp
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation reported that Jordan's response plan to the Syrian crisis (JRP) for 2023 received funding totaling $663 million out of $2.2 billion, marking 29.2 percent. The ministry highlighted a funding gap of approximately $1.612 billion, constituting 70.8 percent of the required amount.اضافة اعلان

Grant aid for the JRP was allocated to its components as follows: $142.9 million was designated to support service projects in host communities out of the $545 million requirements, with a funding rate of 26.2 percent, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

Furthermore, $31.4 million was allocated to support the general budget out of $959 million requirements, representing a funding rate of 3.3 percent. Additionally, $489 million was allocated to support Syrian refugees out of $771 million allocations, with a funding rate of 63.4 percent.

Regarding sectoral distribution, social protection received the highest funding at $189 million, followed by food security at $145 million, education at $137 million, and health at $81 million. The livelihood support category followed with funding of $52 million, while water and sanitation secured approximately $28 million, and shelter received $17 million. The remaining funding was distributed as follows: $4.7 million for justice, $4.7 million for local municipal services, and $3.9 million for the environment. Notably, the energy and transportation sectors did not receive funding.

According to data released by the ministry, the US topped the list of donor countries and organizations for the response plan by providing $161 million, followed by Germany with funding of $142 million, and then the European Union (EU) with $77 million. In fourth place among contributors was the ‘Multilateral Donors’ category with funding of $60 million, followed by the UK with $43.3 million, France with $39.6 million, and Canada with $17 million. The remaining contributions were distributed among several countries and entities.

Jordan has been hosting over 1.3 million Syrians since the crisis began in 2011, including approximately 660,000 registered refugees with the UN Refugee Agency. This figure is part of more than five million Syrian refugees residing in Jordan and neighboring countries.

Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Zeina Toukan previously highlighted a decline in support allocated to the plan, urging the international community to honor its commitments to countries hosting refugees. She stressed that reducing or discontinuing cash assistance would heighten the vulnerability of refugees and compel them to explore alternative means to address their needs.

In 2022, funding for JRP to the Syrian crisis totaled $760.3 million out of $2.28 billion, representing a funding rate of 33.4 percent and leaving a deficit of $1.51 billion.

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