Is TikTok returning to Jordan? Some users report access without VPN

Tiktok Ban
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Social media users in Jordan are spreading news of the return of the "TikTok" platform without the need for a VPN application. Jordan had temporarily banned the services of the "TikTok" platform on December 16, 2022 of last year due to misuse and the platform's failure to address posts promoting violence and chaos. However, while some social media users say TikTok has returned, it is important to note that it has not been officially confirmed. اضافة اعلان

The Anti-cybercrimes unit had previously stated that "TikTok" did not effectively handle misuse by its users, whether by glorifying and disseminating violent acts or inciting chaos, Al-Mamlaka TV reported. They also noted that the platform was promoting videos from outside the country and manipulating them to affect the sentiments of citizens.

300,000 pieces of content removed from the platform
Faisal Al-Shboul, the government spokesperson and Minister of State for Media Affairs, had mentioned earlier that "TikTok" had removed around 300,000 pieces of content from the platform, but it "has not addressed videos that I don't believe any society would accept."

He considered "TikTok's problem, in which they admitted that their oversight of videos is less than other platforms," and said that if the platform addressed this issue, "we may return to dialogue."

The "TikTok" short-video recording application had announced talks with the government with the aim of lifting the ban imposed on it about a month after the Electronic Crimes Unit accused it of not dealing with misuse by users, whether by glorifying and disseminating acts of violence or inciting chaos, promoting videos from outside the country, and manipulating them to affect the sentiments of citizens.

The application revealed the "removal of 310,724 videos in Jordan, 86.6 percent of them...before receiving any views."

It clarified that "our (TikTok) teams will continue to take appropriate action against any content that violates the guidelines" set out in the TikTok system and related to respecting communities, and confirmed "strict and proactive removal of non-compliant content in Jordan."

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