Interior Ministry relaxes visa restrictions for some nationalities to boost tourism

1. Easing Visa Restrictions
An easing of restrictions announced Sunday is expected to increase the number of tourists to Jordan. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
AMMAN — Several measures to ease entry restrictions to the Kingdom have been announced by Minister of Interior Mazen Al-Faraya, who said the decision would give a boost to the local economy, especially in tourism.اضافة اعلان

In a statement, the minister said that the move would have positive effects on the labor market as it would generate jobs for Jordanians.

Among the restrictions eased are those for Syrians, who may now enter the Kingdom as part of tourist groups after the concerned travel agencies submit applications to the Ministry of Interior pledging that these groups will adhere to a predetermined tourist program.

Syrian tourists must also leave their passports with the travel agents that brought them into the country until they leave.

Albanians and Moldovan nationals will also be granted entry visas through Jordanian diplomatic missions abroad or at border posts upon arrival without the need for prior approval.

Furthermore, Nigerian, Philippine, Colombian, Pakistani, and Libyan tourist groups will be allowed to enter Jordan without prior approval, according to the statement, provided they enter as part of a tourist group of no less than five people and according to a preset itinerary. Travel agencies bringing in these groups will have to present guarantees that tourists from these countries will leave immediately after their prearranged tour is over.

Jordan Tourism Board Assistant Director Yazan Khudair told Jordan News that he expects the eased restrictions will help increase the number of tourists to Jordan, especially from countries such as Nigeria and the Philippines. Many people from those countries who work in the Arab Gulf come to Jordan as pilgrims to visit religious sites, including the Baptism Site. Khudair also expected an influx of Libyans seeking medical care in the Kingdom.

A manager of a travel agency, Nasser Al-Ajouri, echoed similar sentiments. “We stopped receiving tourists from the Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Colombia about a year ago, and today we are optimistic about the decisions of the minister of interior,” stressing the need to adhere to precautionary health measures.

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