Income of Syrian refugee families down by 7% compared to 2021

(File photo: Jude Taha/ Jordan News)
AMMAN — Data published by the UNHCR in Jordan in the first quarter of 2022 shows a 7 percent decrease in the income of Syrian refugee families, compared to last year, and a 12 percent decrease for families of refugees of other nationalities. اضافة اعلان

The average income of a working Syrian refugee family is JD198, while it is JD182 for that of refugees of other nationalities, according to Al-Rai daily.

Lower incomes reflect in lower expenditures; among Syrian refugees, food expenses were the highest, 29 percent of total expenditures, while among refugees of other nationalities they reach 27 percent.

The borrowing rates rose to 93 percent in the first quarter of the year, compared to 89 percent last year among Syrian refugees, while among refugees of other nationalities borrowing rose from 79 percent last year to 85 percent this year.

The biggest debt among refugees is informal, such as borrowing from neighbors, friends and groceries to pay rent, buy food, and cover treatment expenses.

Figures also showed that 17 percent of refugees were unable to access health care services.

According to the data, 90 percent of refugees have temporary employment. Those on permanent contracts work mainly in the food and beverage sector, while those with temporary employment work in services.

Seventy percent of refugee women work in domestic services; the report showed a small rise in the percentage of refugee women working, from 4 to 6 percent.

The proportion of refugee workers fell from 31 percent in 2021 to around 27 percent in 2022. While 55 percent of Syrian refugee families and 63 percent of non-Syrians reduced the size of their meal, and 54 percent of Syrian refugees and 64 percent of non-Syrians had to reduce their meals as well.

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