If 5G poses risks, flights will be stopped, says aviation official

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AMMAN — If significant aviation risks are observed due to the use of 5G technology, airlines will immediately be asked to stop flights, said head of the Board of Commissioners of Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority, Captain Haitham Misto.اضافة اعلان

In a statement to Khaberni, he said that instructions to airlines are to take caution and follow the necessary procedures. He said that for now there is no reason to cancel flights, but the decision is up to the airlines.

Misto confirmed that Royal Jordanian will implement safety measures regarding 5G.

Each company should assess risks according to its view, and airlines should exercise caution when using devices that could be affected by 5G frequencies, he said.

He said that the commission has communicated with the telecommunications sector on the subject. “We contacted those concerned to ensure that 5G transmission will not affect flight operations at airports or near airports,” Misto added.

Earlier on Tuesday, Emirates Airlines suspended flights to some US destinations as of Wednesday due to the operation of 5G networks at some US airports.

Airlines fear that signals from 5G networks, which use the C-frequency spectrum, could interfere with the frequency waves used in air navigation especially during bad weather conditions and landing and takeoff. So far it is believed that Boeing 777 aircraft could be affected.

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