Health insurance to cover treatment in private hospitals only

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The proposed social security health insurance draft stipulates full coverage for all private-sector employees treated in private hospitals, according to Social Security Cooperation (SSC) spokesman Shaman Al-Majali.اضافة اعلان
According to Majali, those who work in the private sector and retirees will benefit from health insurance at private hospitals but only if they are registered in no other health insurance scheme, be it “public or military, or any other insurance that may be provided by the institutions they work for.”

“Jordanian workers will assume the monthly contributions; 3 percent of the wages registered with the social security will be deducted from their salaries,” he told Jordan News, a percentage that applies to retirees as well.

“The deduction ratio is the same for all subscribers, regardless of their social status and the number of family members registered for insurance,” he said.
Majali added that the insurance will cover in-hospital treatment but that primary care will not be covered.

“Based on several discussions and arrangements, primary care will be covered by the Ministry of Health,” he said.

Cancer treatment will also be covered by this insurance, which will be a protective umbrella for those who did not get the chance to get insurance before, and which will also ease the burden on public hospitals, “especially in view of the tremendous pressure on the public health sector that health centers and hospitals can no longer bear,” he said.

Majali added that the SSC Law does not distinguish between Jordanians and foreigners, “and therefore, the insurance will cover Jordanians and non-Jordanians. However, the deduction ratio will differ.”

The new amendments to the Social Security Law will be submitted to the Council of Ministers in January 2022, he said, adding that the amended draft law was presented recently to the board of directors of the Social Security Cooperation for approval. Once the Board of Directors approves the amendments, they will be submitted to the Cabinet, said Majali.

SSC had previously announced that it had finalized the first draft of the health insurance law, which would offer health coverage to those insured with private-sector facilities and retirees who do not have public or military health insurance. The bill covers their families as well.

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