LTRC will not license any new ridesharing applications following drivers’ demands

An undated photo of a taxi in Amman. (Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — One of the more serious problems that the yellow taxi sector suffers from is lack of regulation on the work of unlicensed ridesharing applications, according to Ahmed Abu Haidar, head of the Syndicate of Owners of Taxi Offices, Internal and External Travel, and Driving Training Centers.اضافة اعلان

Abu Haidar told Jordan News that 11,700 vehicles are yellow taxis in Amman, and about 35,000 vehicles run on ridesharing applications.

“There are seven licensed applications in Jordan that work with the yellow taxi, while there are 30 unlicensed ridesharing applications,” he said.

Abu Haidar added that the syndicate’s main demand is for the government not to license any new applications operating in the transportation sector, but to regulate the work of the existing ridesharing applications that are operating in the sector, “especially that since these applications were licensed, our work has been highly affected. We cannot bear further losses, especially that the pandemic worsened our situation.”

Lawrence Al-Rifai, spokesman for ridesharing companies drivers, told Jordan News that “there are only six licensed applications, and four only are currently working in Jordan”.

Rifai said that about 13,000 drivers work for ridesharing applications, “and the number is decreasing because more than 3,000 drivers are financially distressed and their vehicles are impounded”.

Rifai also said that there are claims that both ridesharing companies drivers and yellow taxi drivers make.

“We demand from the concerned entities to monitor and regulate the work of some licensed companies that hire unlicensed drivers, and we strongly agree that the government should not to license any new company in the future.”
Rifai claimed that some licensed ridesharing companies fail to adhere to the official price rate.

“We and yellow taxi drivers are being harmed by some ridesharing companies that do not adhere to the official pricing. Those companies are creating a state of unfair competition. However, neither the commission nor the ministry has taken any action.”

Land Transport Regulatory Commission Director-General Tarek Habashneh told Jordan News that LTRC is not going to license any new ridesharing application for the time being.

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