Gov’t has no plans to renew Defense Order No. 28, says source

Suspension of debtor imprisonment set to end tomorrow after extended period

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Jordanian government will not renew Defense Order No. 28 for 2021, which prohibited the imprisonment of debtors, according to Ammon News. اضافة اعلان

The order's expiration will result in the end of the suspension of debtor imprisonment starting Sunday, following the extension period, which concludes at the end of April.

Reason for suspension extensionThe suspension of debtor imprisonment has been extended for several years due to the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic in Jordan and the world.

However, the government has stated that it will not renew the order this year.

Latest amendmentIt's worth noting that the latest amendment to the decision of not detaining debtors stipulates that debtors who owe more than JD20,000 can be imprisoned, while the enforcement of criminal judgments that mandate imprisonment for crimes related to issuing a check without balance will be suspended in cases where the amount does not exceed JD20,000.

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