Former PM warns of the danger of ‘Zionist expansion’

(Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)
AMMAN — Former prime minister Taher Al-Masri has warned of the danger of “Zionist expansion” into Jordan, asserting that “Jordan is being targeted as a regime, people, and homeland through plans and ambitions drawn on paper and led by the Israeli occupation and its supporters in America, the West in general, with the help of the open support from some brothers.”اضافة اعلان

At a lecture organized by the Jordanian Journalists Association on Saturday, titled “Where will we be in the future?”, Masri said that Jordanian governments these days “do not feel the needs of the people or the future. Their policies make us believe that they are clones of each other, but with different faces and names”.

“The reality Jordanians live in today is frightening, and so is the future,” he said.

He added that the Jewish nation-state law is now a basic law of Israel, which basically says that Palestine belongs to the Jews alone and that its residents must be Jews.

“This, in my understanding, means that Israel refuses to give the Palestinians their own state, or even local rule or a confederation. Nothing is ours, and all of it is theirs,” he said.

Masri added that there is no longer the slightest doubt about Israel’s intentions toward Jordan.

“So far, Israel has achieved what it had planned, and today it occupies all of Palestine and had declared Jerusalem as its capital. It now is working hard on building the temple, which is a sign that biblical Israel is being completed. What is happening these days in Al-Aqsa Mosque is nothing but an announcement that this is the site of the temple,” said Masri.

The former premier also talked about the economic situation in Jordan, saying that successive economic crises have raised the public debt and weakened all sectors of the economy, adding that “we are quickly approaching a stage where we can be called a bankrupt country”.

He added that all governments do is supplement the state budget by imposing more taxes, which has led to a high rate of unemployment, inflation, erosion of incomes, and a decrease in the purchasing power of citizens.

He pointed out that “the majority of Jordanians believe that the economic crisis that we are witnessing now is part of a plan that targets Jordan.

“It is imperative for the government to think about creating a new economic reality, with new ideas and plans, forgoing relying on exorbitant taxes to secure the state budget and linking Jordan with Israel for major strategic projects, like the gas and water agreements,” Masri added.

On political reforms, he said that “more than 32 years on, we have not succeeded in adopting the true democratic approach and behavior, and we continue to remain in democratic transition.”

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