Epidemiology Committee: Third COVID-19 dose will be optional

person receives COVID-19 vaccine
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN —The recommended third COVID-19 vaccine dose is optional and will not be mandatory,  Dr. Bassam Hijjawi, a member of the Epidemiology Committee, said. He also mentioned that the committee recommended the third dose for specified groups.اضافة اعلان

Hijjawi confirmed in a statement to "Al-Ghad" that the type of vaccine in the third dose would be the same as the first and second doses.

He also explained the necessity to let six months pass after receiving the second dose because there's no need to take the third dose before this period, according to pharmacological studies.

The National Committee for Epidemiology met earlier and approved the third dose for health employees, patients with chronic diseases, immunodeficiency, and the elderly. In contrast, it was previously approved for travel due to the requirements of some countries that the third dose must be obtained before entering their territories.

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